MREA 03/ BP 03 sea trial

May - June 2003, Elba I., Italy.

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The MREA'03 sea trial took place off the west coast of Italy in the north o Elba island in May and June of 2003. This was a multi-institution multinational experiment organized by the NATO Undersea Research Center (NURC, now CMRE) under the responsibility of scientist in charge Emanuel Coelho.
CINTAL/UAlg participation in this sea trial took place as a preliminary test under the scope of the upcoming REA - Joint Research Project, to which CINTAL/UALg is a partner. Other partners of this JRP are: the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), the Instituto Hidrográfico (IH) and the Royal Netherlands Naval College (RNLNC).

AO-Buoy on the R/V Alliance deck
AOBuoy in R/V Alliance's deck, June 23, 2003, north of Elba I. (Italy).
Weight: 90 Kg
Dimensions: height - 1.30 m; diameter: 23 cm; mast: 2.30 m
Hydrophones: 4 (15, 60, 75 e 90 m)
Band: 10 - 15000 Hz
Storage: 60 GB
Communications: wireless lan 2.4 GHz (1w)
Localization: GPS with time base precision of 1 micro sec
GPS & wireless lan antennas AOBuoy: mast with antennas and radar reflector

GPS antenna for real time localization and time synchronization (1 micro sec)
Wireless lan antenna: monopole 2.4 GHz, 1W amplifier
AOB top cover
AOBuoy: top cover

Top cover with: mast base, GPS and wireless lan antennas, pass-through for Ethernet (100 Mb/s)
and power supply connectors.
AOB bottom cover
AOBuoy: bottom cover

Bottom cover: hydrophone connections and time-delayed ON/OFF switch after
touching sea water. The array is connected to the center of the structure.
AOB array
AOBuoy: hydrophone array

Acoustic array in the R/V ALLIANCE's deck prior to deployment.
(June 21, 2003)
AOB hydrophone
AOBuoy: hydrophone

Hydrophone: piezo-electrical sensor with integrated pre-amplifier, band 100-15000 Hz,
sensitivity -190 dB.

AOB-deployment during MREA'03

Deploying the AOBuoy aboard the R/V ALLIANCE.
Elba I. (Italy), June 23, 2003
AOB at sea

The AOBuoy after deployment on June 23, 2003
during the MREA'03 sea trial.
Recovering the AOB

Recovering the AOBuoy aboard of
R/V ALLIANCE, June 23, 2003
AOB team during MREA'03

The SiPLAB/UALg work team and the AOBuoy during the MREA'03 sea trial, aboard the R/V ALLIANCE, north Elba I. (Italy). June 21, 2003.


To the participants in the sea trial Cristiano Soares and António Silva, to Saclantcen, to the Master and crew of the R/V ALLIANCE , to the scientist in charge of the MREA'03, E. Ferreira Coelho, Saclantcen personnel and finally the collaboration of J.P. Hermand (ULB e RNLNC) with the pictures taken during the sea trial.

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