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Measuring underwater noise with high endurance surface and underwater autonomous vehicles

A. Silva(1), A. Matos(2), C. Soares(3), J. Alves(2), J. Valente(2), F. Zabel(3), H. Cabral(2), N. Abreu(2), N. .Cruz(2), R. Almeida(2), R. Ferreira(4), S. Ijaz(1) and V. Lobo(4)
(1) LARSyS, University of Algarve, 8005-139 Faro (Portugal)
(2) INESC TEC Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Porto (Portugal)
(3) Marsensing, Campus de Gambelas, Faro (Portugal)
(4) CINAV, PO Navy Research Center, Escola Naval, Alfeite, Almada (Portugal)

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Ref.: OCEANS MTS/IEEE, St. Johns, NL, CA, September 2014

Abstract: This paper describes the results of Acousti-cRobot13 - a noise measurement campaign that took place off the Portuguese Coast in May 2013, using two high en- durance autonomous vehicles capable of silent operation (an underwater glider and an autonomous sailing vessel) equipped with hydrophones, and a moored hydrophone that served as reference. We show that the autonomous vehicles used can provide useful measurements of underwater noise, and describe the main advantages and shortcomings that became evident during the campaign.

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