Passive Ocean Acoustic Tomography: theory and experiment

E. De Marinis, O. Gasparini
Dune, Rome - Italy
P. Picco
ENEA, La Spezia, Italy
 S.M. Jesus
SiPLAB-FCT, Universidade do Algarve
Faro, Portugal
A. Crise and S. Salon
OGS, Trieste, Italy

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Ref.: Proc. ECUA 2002, (ISBN 83-907591-8-7), p.497-502, Gdansk (Poland), June 2002.

: In this paper the Passive Ocean Acoustic Tomography (P-OAT) methodology is presented. This technique, avoiding the use of a dedicated active sound source, estimates the sea water temperature spatial distribution from the received noise emitted from ships of opportunity. The feasibility of the proposed methodology has been confirmed both by test-runs on semi-synthetic data and by the use of real acoustic and environmental data collected during INTIMATE00 experiment performed on October 2000 in the Atlantic Ocean off the Portuguese coasts.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was partially supported by projects TOMPACO (CNR, Italy), INTIMATE and ATOMS from FCT (Portugal).