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Communications and Biological Monitoring Experiment in an Upwelling Environment at Cabo Frio Island Bay

F.B.Louza, L.P. Maia, V. Barroso, J.Osowsky, M.V. Simões, F.C. Xavier, E.E. Vale, R. Vio
IEAPM, Arraial do Cabo (RJ), Brasil
LARSyS, University of Algarve, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal

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Ref.: OCEANS MTS/IEEE, Marseille (France), June 2019

Abstract: Coastal upwelling nearby Cabo Frio region in SouthEast Brazilian coast influences ocean temperature stratification, sound wave propagation and biological activity. BioCommunications (BIOCOM) project between Brazilian Navy Institute of Sea Studies and the University of Algarve-Portugal aims to acoustically characterize, in a long term, the biological activity and its correlation with the upwelling regime and other biotic and abiotic factors. Moreover, to understand the impact of biological noise on broadband communications in the area.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This work was funded under project BIOCOM, CnPQ, Brasil.

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