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Comparing the resolution of Bartlett and MVDR processors for bottom parameter estimation using pressure and vector sensor short array data

P. Felisberto, J. Schneiderwind, P. Santos, O. Rodruiguez and S.M.Jesus
LARSyS, University of Algarve, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal

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Abstract : This work compares the resolution of a pressure and vector sensor based conventional Bartlett processor, with their MVDR processor counterparts, in the context of bottom characterization with a short vertical array. Santos et al. demonstrated the gain of a vector sensor array (VSA) based linear processor (Bartlett) for generic parameter estimation. Moreover, it was shown that for bottom characterization the highest resolution of the estimates were achieved with the vertical particle velocity measurements alone. The present works highlights the gain in parameter resolution of a VSA based MVDR processor. It is shown, that also for a MVDR processor, the vector sensor array data improves the resolution of parameter estimation. But, it is also shown, through simulations, that for bottom parameter estimation, the pressure based MVDR processor has higher resolution and sidelobe attenuation than the VSA based Bartlett processor. These results were verified for experimental data acquired by a four element, 40 cm long vertical VSA in the 8--14 kHz band, during the Makai Experiment 2005 sea trial, off Kauai I., Hawaii (USA).

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This work was funded by National Funds through FCT- Foundation for Science and Technology under project SENSOCEAN (PTDC/EEA-ELC/104561/2008).

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