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VSAP - Vector Sensor Array Prototype Development

D. Maslov,
P. Felisberto,
P.J. Santos,
SiPLAB, University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas,
PT-8005-139 Faro, Portugal

Comments: download file (cintal_rep).
Ref.: SiPLAB Report 01/16, SiPLAB, University of Algarve,2016.

This report describes a project plan for an acoustic Vector Sensor Array Prototype - the VSAP - to be mounted and used on WiMUST project mobile platforms for bottom properties estimation. The first part of the report starts with the state of the art on the usage of vector sensors for geoacoustic estimation. Then proposes several sensor configurations and possible combinations in view of estimating bottom returns in typical seismic configurations. Simulation examples and results obtained with previously acquired data are given to justify for proposed sensor arrangements and requirements. The second part deals with the actual proposed VSAP configuration, including the sensing device, its acoustic and mechanical characteristics as well as the preferred mounting on the mobile (AUV) platforms. Testing procedures both for individual sensors and for overall assembled units are also detailed as well as estimates for cost and development time.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was supported by project WiMUST under EU H2020, contract 645141.