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TRA - Transmit Receive Array (project plan version 2)

F. Zabel,
C. Martins,
S.M. Jesus,
SiPLAB - FCT, University of Algarve
Campus de Gambelas,
PT-8005-139 Faro, Portugal

Comments: download file (cintal_rep)
Ref.: SiPLAB Report 02/07, FCT, University of Algarve,2006.

Abstract: This report describes an update to the project plan for the development of a Transmit Receive Array (TRA). This system is under development for the Underwater Acoustic Barriers (UAB) project which aims at studying, developing and testing in the field the concept of building an underwater acoustic barrier for detecting intruders in a given area.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was supported by project UAB (POCI/MAR/59008/2004) from FCT, Portugal.