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RIA'17 - July 2017 experiment Data report

P. Felisberto,
J.P. Silva,
SiPLAB, University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas,
PT-8005-139 Faro, Portugal

Comments: download file (cintal_rep).
Ref.: SiPLAB Report 05/17, SiPLAB, University of Algarve, April 2017.

This report describes the acoustic and other complementary data gathered during an experiment carried from 24th to 28th July 2017 in the Culatra Island area inside the Ria Formosa. The experiment was conducted in the framework of the SEAOX project (PTDC/EEIPRO/2598/2014). The objective was to gather ambient noise in two closely located sites, about 150 m apart, where the bottom was covered by different vegetation, Cymodocea nodosa seagrass and Caulerpa algae. Both sites are very shallow water (order 1 m) and subject to tidal peak to peak amplitude of about 3 m during this period of the year. Intense yachting and boating activity is observed in the area during the summer season with important contribution for the ambient noise during the daylight periods. Dissolved O2 data was acquired by optodes at both sites simultaneously with acoustic data. In addition CTD measurements (temperature, salinity, sound speed, depth) were also performed in the Caulerpa site. This report presents the experimental setup, the acoustic and complementary environmental data and discusses preliminary results.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was supported under project SEAOX from FCT.