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AOB - an easily deployable, reconfigurable and multifunctional acoustic-oceanographic system

S.M. Jesus, C.Soares, A. Silva sjesus@ualg.pt , csoares@ualg.pt , asilva@ualg.pt
SiPLAB-FCT, Universidade do Algarve
Faro, Portugal
J.-P. Hermand jhermand@ulb.ac.be
EHL - Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Brussels, Belgium
E. Ferreira Coelho coelho@saclantc.nato.int
NATO Undersea Research Centre
La Spezia, Italy

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Ref.: in 148th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol.116, No.4, Pt.2, San Diego, October 2004.

Abstract : The concept of an easy to use and easy to deploy Ocean Acoustic Tomographic (OAT) system is presented. The system is composed of a network of buoys and a data inversion online processor. This study concerns the individual node of that network - the Acoustic-Oceanographic Buoy (AOB) - the data inversion technique and the testing of the system at sea. The AOB is a lightweight surface buoy with a vertical array of acoustic and temperature sensors to be hand deployed in a free drifting configuration from a small boat. The data is locally stored and transmitted online to a remote station for processing and monitoring. Data inversion is based on a broadband matched-field tomography technique where known and unknown parameters are simultaneously searched for (focalization). In-situ recorded temperature data serve for algorithm initialization and calibration. The AOB was successfully deployed in several consecutive days during two Rapid Environmental Assessment sea trials in 2003 (Mediterranean) and 2004 (Atlantic). Data collected at sea also show that the AOB can be reconfigured as a receiving array for underwater coherent communications in the band up to 15 kHz.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was partially supported by FCT and Royal Netherlands Navy - projects NUACE, POSI/CPS/47824/2002 and REA, RNLNC/2003/04.