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Acoustic observations with the EMSO Generic Instrument Module

Underwater Acoustics Conference and Exhibit 2017, Skyathos (Grecce)

S.M. Jesus sjesus(at),
LarSys, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro (Portugal).
D. Mihai daniel.mihai.toma(at),
J. Del Rio,
OBSEA, Universitat Polytechnic de Catalunia, Villanova i la Geltru (Spain).

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Ref.: in UACE'2017, Skyathos (Greece), September 2017.

A prototype of the EMSO Generic Instrument Module (EGIM) was developed under EU-H2020 funded project EMSODEV and installed at the OBSEA shallow water site, near Villanova I la Geltru (Spain) in December 2016, for preliminary testing. The EGIM prototype was deployed in 20m water depth, cable connected to shore and has been up and running for approximately 3 months. This work reports preliminary analysis of the recordings obtained with the EGIM deep water hydrophone icListen from Ocean Sonics. This is a digital hydrophone packed with acquisition configuration tools that greatly facilitate its setup. The icListen is rated for 3500m but nevertheless shows a sufficient sensitivity and dynamic, with its 24 bits resolution and large bandwidth. The data is clean and of very good quality. First findings reveal a series of interfering noise signatures from nearby equipment, either on the EGIM itself or at the OBSEA structure. These include CTD, ADCP and other potentially noisy equipment that were identified by sequential shutoff and on. Recorded noise levels show a remarkable agreement with the current noise distribution level predictions for that coastal scenario. Noise variations allow to detect ship traffic and surface agitation in the area.