Tidal effects on MFP via the INTIMATE'96 test

A. Tolstoy atolstoy@ieee.org
ATolstoy Sciences,
Annandale, VA, USA
S.M. Jesus and O. Rodriguez sjesus@ualg.ptand orodrig@ualg.pt
SiPLAB-FCT, Universidade do Algarve
Faro, Portugal

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Ref.: Proc. Acoustic Variability Conf., Ed. Jensen and Pace, KLUWER Dortrecht,(ISBN 0-4020-0816-3), pp. 457-464, Lerici, Italy,  2002.

Abstract : Examining INTIMATE'96 field data we see clearly the effects of tidal changes, i.e., of changing water depths for a bottom-tethered vertical array at mid-frequencies (300 - 800 Hz). This work will examine the sensitivity of such data via Matched-Field Processing (MFP) to tidal changes where the depth varies of +-1.0 m from the nominal 135 m. Is it possible to invert such data to estimate water depth as a function of time (tide) ? Are the data dominated by source range estimates where water depths are known to shift in a predictable fashion as a function of source range errors ? Results reported here will be for simulated data.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: this work was partially supported by ONR.