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Assessment of a shallow water area in the Tagus estuary using Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (or AUV's), vector-sensors, Unmanned Surface Vehicles, and Quadcopters - REX'17

M.M. Marques(1), M. Gatta(1), M. Barreto(1), V. Lobo(1), A. Matos(2), B. Ferreira(2), P,Santos(3), P. Felisberto(3), S.M. Jesus(3), F. Zabel(3), R. Mendonça(4) and F. Marques(4)
(1) CINAV, Portuguese Navy Research Center, Almada, Portugal
(2) INESC TEC Technology and Science, Porto, Portugal
(3) LARSyS, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal
(4) Centre of Technology and Systems, New University of Lisbon (CTS-UNINOVA)

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Ref.: OCEANS MTS/IEEE, Kobe (Japan), May 2018

Abstract: This paper describes the tests that were conducted in 2017, in the Tagus estuary near Lisbon's Naval Base, that had as its main aim the assessment of that shallow water area and acoustic interferences. This year four research institutions were present: CINAV (from the Navy itself), INESC-TEC (from the University and Polytechnic Institute of Porto), CINTAL (from the University of Algarve) and UNINOVA (from the New University of Lisbon). The paper finishes drawing some conclusions about the experience gained in each of the tests and globally with this interaction between researchers and navy personnel. One of the main technologies tested was a Dual Accelerometer Vector Sensor. The Dual Accelerometer Vector Sensor (DAVS) was developed in the framework of the WiMUST H2020 European project. The DAVS is composed of a hydrophone (pressure sensor) and two particle velocity sensors (tri-axial accelerometers) aligned in a vertical plane. This dual configuration has already proven to be a good solution for azimuth estimation when it's mounted on AUV or for bottom characterization. The CINTAL and INESC-TEC teams participated in REX'17 Sea trial, where the main goal of this participation was to evaluate the possibilities of the DAVS system mounted on the MARES AUV for: 1) platform self-localization; 2) bottom characterization and 3) port security. Figure 1 presents a photo of the DAVS mounted on the MARES before the deployment during the REX'17.

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