ATOMS project - Achievements

Sea Trials

1. INTIFANTE'00 sea trial

The INTIFANTE'00 took place from 9 to 29 October 2000 in a shallow water zone west of Tróia Peninsula, near Setúbal, Portugal (see INTIFANTE'00 Sea Trial )

2. ATOMS'02 Engineering Test

An Eng. test sea trial of one day took place off the port of Lisbon on 25 September 2002 with the objective of testing the new remote digital acquisition system (RDAS) with the ULVA buoy and array. The buoy on-board PC system was tested together with the wireless lan radio up to 18 km distance between the buoy and the NRP Andromeda.

3. ATOMS'04 sea trial

A full scale sea trial off the Cape São Vicente tooke place on October 22 - 26, 2004 involving the NRP D. Carlos I research vessel (see ATOMS'04 Test Plan here). Due to adverse weather conditions only environmental and chemical data could be gathered. This included CTD, ADCP and water samples. During that period a later summer filament was present in the area as it can be seen in the SST picture of day 22 Oct (below) and then on the measured CTD data on day Oct 24.

SST data 22/10/04 10:22 GMT

SST data

Measured CTD data on 24/10/04



Project reports for year 1 [Oct 01], year 2 [Oct 02], year 3 [Oct 03] and year 4 [Dec 04].


Workshop INTIFANTE'00 - May 10-11, 2001

A workshop for presentation of the INTIFANTE'00 data set and preliminary results was held at SiPLAB, University of Algarve during May 2001. Attendees: A. Pascoal and J.P. Gomes (IST), S.M. Jesus, O. Rodríguez, A. Silva and C. Soares (UALg), J. Onofre e J. Beja (IH) and P. Picco (ENEA) (see the program for more details).

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