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AZORES'22 Sea Trial Data Report

S.M. Jesus(1) sjesus(at)
R. Duarte (1), rjduarte(at)
I. Cascão (2), irma.cascao(at)
M. Romagosa (2), m.romagosa4(at)
M.A. Silva (2), monica.silva.imar(at)

(1) SiPLAB, University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro, Portugal
(2) IMAR-OKEANOS, University of Azores, Horta, Faial, Portugal

Comments: download file (cintal_rep).
Ref.: SiPLAB Report 03/22, SiPLAB, CINTAL, University of Algarve, October 2022.

The AZORES'22 sea trial took place from May 19 to June 24, 2022, in the proximity of the shallow channel between Faial and Pico Islands in the Azores. Three moorings were deployed : two on the southern approaches to the channel and one in the northern side. Each mooring had two recorders: one EAR and one SR1 or M35 vector hydrophone. After recovery several technical issues were noticed both with the SR1 and M35 recorders provided by UALg and with the EARs provided by IMAR. Based on a small set of 8 hours of data overlap between EAR-SR1 recording in the same mooring, preliminary analysis shows that there is a significant difference between EAR and SR1 outputs, both in level over the whole band up to 25 kHz, and in the low frequency band below 300 Hz. In that band, which is very relevant for shipping noise analysis, the EAR output is progressively attenuated as the frequency decreases down to approximately 20 Hz. The objectives of the sea trial were only partially met due to equipment failure, which sets requirements of further equipment testing and maintenance in the preparation of future trials.