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Additional information

AO-Buoy developed under RADAR project AO-Buoy 2
*A. Silva, F. Zabel and C. Martins, ``Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy: a telemetry system that meets rapid environmental assessment requirements'', (abstract) Sea Technology, Vol. 47, No.9, pp.15 - 20, (pdf), September 2006.

Lubell 1424HP being recovered during RADAR'06 Broadband Lubell acoustic source
This is model 1424HP sound source made by Lubell. It is a piezoelectric transducer delivering 197 dB/uPA/1 m @ 600 Hz (80 V rms). Its main advantage is its size and weigth for a usefull band of 400 Hz - 8 kHz. Its main disadvantage is the limited depth rating of 12 m without pressure compensation. Purchased under projects NUACE and UAB.