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Current personnel at SiPLAB:


Sérgio M. Jesus

Lab Coordinator, PhD, University of Nice (France), 1986


Orlando C. Rodríguez

Permanent member, PhD, University of Algarve, 2001

Paulo F.

Paulo Felisberto

Permanent member, PhD, University of Algarve, 2005

António J.

António J. Silva

Permanent member, PhD IST - University of Lisbon, 2009

Paulo S.

Paulo J. Santos

Permanent member, PhD, University of Algarve, 2012


Cristiano P. Soares

Senior scientist, PhD University of Algarve, 2007

Ana Bela

Ana Bela Santos

PhD Candidate, MSc Univ. Évora, 2004


Francisco Morgado

MsC Electronics and Telecommunications, Univ. Aveiro, 2008

Joćo Parente

Joćo Parente

Electrical and Electronics Engineer, MSc Univ. Algarve, 2018

Razi Sabara

Razi Sabara

MsC Aeronautics Engineering, Univ. Tokyo (Japan), 2016


Ashley P. Hughes

Marine Biology, BsC Univ. Algarve, 2018

Ana Catarina

Ana Catarina Moreira

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, BsC Univ. Algarve, 2018


Fred Zabel

System Administrator, FCT, University of Algarve, 2005

Past SiPLAB members [here]

last update: 8-Oct-2018

Recent publications:

JASA logo Sustained underwater acoustic communications with environmental-based time-reversal, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 144(4), Oct 2018 [PDF]

JASA logo Simplex Based Three-Dimensional Eigenray Search for Underwater Predictions, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 143(4), April 2018 [PDF]

Featured products:

Head wave propagation using Traceo


an efficient Gaussian beam 2D ray tracing model for underwater acoustic propagation, handling full bottom and water column range dependency, obstacle scattering and producing particle velocity outputs. See manual here and download free copy for Fortran. A C version for linux and/or Windows is available here and for GPU here.

Acoustic data sets:

soliton intimate 98

Acoustic data

is made available for experimentation and testing. Selected data sets of the Calcom'2010, Seagrass'2011 and RADAR'2007 are made available for download.