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Current projects:

no ships: whales can sleep!


This project will address the conception, implementation and test of an autonomous system for detecting whales in the vicinity of shipping routes off the southwest coast of Crete and warn passing by ships. Start date: 1-Apr-2019, Duration: 36 months
Partnership: FORTH (Greece), PELAGOS (Greece), Marine Traffic (Greece), Green2Sustain (Greece) and CINTAL. People involved from CINTAL: S.M. Jesus [more...].

what if the Atlantic could become like Pitcairns ?

JONAS - Joint Framework for Ocean Noise in the Atlantic Seas

JONAS addresses threats to biodiversity from underwater noise pollution on sensitive species in the NE Atlantic by streamlining ocean noise monitoring and risk management on a transnational basis. Atlantic area states need a consistent way to resolve this common transboundary challenge. Jonas will develop and pilot a noise-monitoring platform, harmonize technical approaches to MSFD and MSP requirements, and promote the adoption of quieter operational practices among users of the NE Atlantic marine space. Start date: 25-Mar-2019, Duration: 36 months, Funding: 2.8 Million euro.
Partnership: UCC (IR-Coordinator), MS (UK), CEFAS (UK), QO (FR), SHOM (FR), UPC (SP), PLOCAN (SP), UALG (PT) and IH( PT). People involved from UALG: S.M. Jesus, O. Rodriguez, P. Felisberto, P. Santos and A. Santos [more...].

bio-acoustic underwater communications project

BIOCOM - Building signaling methods for underwater communications with bioacoustic noise characteristics

This project aims at studying bioacoustic noise patterns in the area of Cabo Frio and extract diel, cyclic, frequency and amplitude characteristics that may be used for underwater communications' signal modulation.
Partnership: IEAPM (Coordinator). People involved from UALG: S.M. Jesus (as external visitor) [more...].


2DeepScape - Towards deep sea soundscaping

2DEEPSCAPE is funded by FCT under the MIT research collaboration within the AIR Centre program. Our vision is to make feasible the deployment of large swarms of miniature drifters/gliders to enable new insights into physical–biological dynamics of the deep ocean with the objectives of: be environmentally friendly and non­invasive; be simple, reliable and low cost; and possess high autonomy and energy harvesting capabilities. This project is funded with approximately 99keuro for 12 month (contract MIT­EXPL/IRA/0070/2017). Starting date: 2-Jan-2018. Partnership: U.Minho (Coordinator) and co-promoted by CINTAL and Marsensing. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: A.J. Silva, S.M. Jesus. [more...].


OceanTech - Collaborative vehicles and operation management systems for deep sea exploration

OCEANTECH is funded by "Programa Mobilizadores" of Portugal 2020 research program is as a joint strategic research and development programme, whose main goals include the development, production and delivery of new products, processes and services for deep ocean exploration, which are to be released in a global market. This project is funded with approximately 10 Meuro for 36 month. Starting date: not set yet. Partnership: Abyssal (Coordinator) and co-promoted by IPMA, CEIIA, TEKEVER AS, OceanScan, Universidade do Porto, TEKEVER ASDS, Usimeca, University of Algarve, Critical Materials, TEKEVER TI and Instituto Superior Técnico. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: A.J. Silva, S.M. Jesus. [more...].


Modular Platform for Research, Test and Validation of Technologies Supporting a Sustainable Blue Economy Technology (TEC4SEA)

The TEC4SEA research infrastructure is a unique and pioneer platform in Europe to support research, development, and test of marine robotics, telecommunications and sensing technologies for monitoring and operating in the ocean environment. TEC4SEA brings together a set of laboratories, testbeds, equipments and support facilities for experiments in controlled and real environments. Partnership: INESC-Porto (Coordinator-IT), CINTAL, LARSyS. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: A.J. Silva, S.M. Jesus.[...more]. Official web site


EMSO-PT - European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory - Portugal

EMSO-PT is the Portuguese Research Infrastructure part of the large-scale EMSO - European Multidisciplinary Observation Network of fixed point, deep sea multidisciplinary observatories, with the scientific objective of real-time, long-term monitoring of environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. It is a geographically distributed infrastructure to be located at key sites in EU waters, spanning the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, up to the Black Sea. Partnership: IMAR (Coordinator), CCMAR, CINTAL, FFC, INESC, IPMA, ISEP, IST, UA, UE, UP, UAc. People involved from CINTAL: S.M. Jesus and P. Felisberto. [...more]. Official EMSO web site


SEAOX - Using acoustics for monitoring the metabolism of marine ecosystems

SEAOX is an FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) funded project that aims at using the properties of sound propagation in ocean water as a proxy of the amount of oxygen bubbles to monitor the photosynthetic production of marine plants. Unlike other methods that simply provide local oxygen measurements (water analysis, oxygen probes), acoustic based methods can offer integral information over a given area and a given time interval. This project is funded by FCT with a total amount of 197k Euro for three years. Starting date: June 1st, 2016. Partnership: CINTAL (Coordinator) and CCMAR. People involved from UALG: P. Felisberto and S.M. Jesus.



SUB-ECO - Acoustic Surveillance System

SUB-ECO is funded by the Ministery of Defense (Portugal) and aims at reinforcing the capabilities of national underwater surveillance using passive detection of illicit activities of both surface and submerged ships off the coast of Portugal. This project is funded with a total amount of 1.1M Euro for three and a half years. Starting date: October 1st, 2015. Partnership: PT Navy IH (Coordinator), Esquadron 601 (Air Force), CISMIL, MARSENSING and CINTAL.
People involved from CINTAL: S.M. Jesus [more...].


STRONGMAR - STRengthening MARritime Technology Research Center

STRONGMAR is an H2020 EU project funded with 999k Meuro under the Twinning program for a duration of three years. This projext aims at creating solid and productive links in the global field of marine science and technology between INESC TEC and established leading research European institutions, capable of enhancing its scientific and technological capacity and linked institutions, helping raising its staff's research profile and its recognition as an European maritime research center of excellence. Starting date: January 1st, 2016 (tentative). Partnership: INESC-TEC (PT-Coordinator), Heriot-Watt University (UK), NATO Science Org. (BE), University of Girona (ES), Univ. of Aberdeen UK) and CINTAL(PT).
People involved from CINTAL: S.M. Jesus, A. Silva, O Rodriguez and P. Felisberto [more...].

EMSODEV - EMSO implementation and DEVelopment of instrumentation module


EMSO - European multidisciplinary Seafloor & water column ObservatoryDEV is a H2020 project that catalyses the full implementation and operation of the EMSO distributed Research Infrastructure, through the development, testing and deployment of an EMSO Generic Instrument Module (EGIM). This module will ensure accurate, consistent, comparable, regional scale, long-term measurements of ocean parameters, which are key to addressing urgent societal and scientific challenges such as climate change, ocean ecosystem disturbance, and marine hazards. Project ends on February 2019. Partnership: INGV (Coordinator-IT), IFREMER (FR), HCMR (GR), CSIC (GR), NERC (UK), MI (IR), Uni. Bremen (GE), IPMA (Cintal as third party-PT), GeoEcoMar (RO), SLR (IR) and SPA-ENG (IT).
People involved from CINTAL: Sérgio M. Jesus [more...].

See terminated projects for detailed information about past projects executed at SiPLAB.

last update: 2-May-2019


Project publications

* F. Zabel, C. Martins and A. Silva ``Design of a UAN node capable of high-data rate transmission'', (abstract), Sea Technology, pp.32-36, (pdf), March 2011.

*A. Silva, F. Zabel and C. Martins, ``Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy: a telemetry system that meets rapid environmental assessment requirements'', (abstract) Sea Technology, Vol. 47, No.9, pp.15 - 20, (pdf), September 2006.

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ULVA system
*S.M. Jesus, C. Soares, E. Coelho and P. Picco, ``An Experimental Demonstration of Blind Ocean Acoustic Tomography'', (abstract) JASA 119(3), pp. 1420-1431, (pdf), March 2006.
*P. Felisberto, C. Lopes and S.M. Jesus, "An autonomous system for ocean acoustic tomography", (abstract) Sea Technology, Vol. 45, No.4, pp. 17-23, (pdf) April 2004.