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Paulo Felisberto

Paulo Felisberto: lembrando a sua carreira científica / remembering his scientific career


Continuo a receber regularmente contactos de colegas e investigadores espalhados pelo mundo quando tomam conhecimento do falecimento do Paulo Felisberto. Todos eles ficam consternados e evocam o relacionamento com a personalidade afável do Paulo e o seu modo desprendido de ajuda e cooperação. Outra faceta que também alguns mencionam é o trabalho científico que o Paulo deixou e a perda que significa o não poder continuar a contar com a sua contribuição. No sentido de fazer um apanhado da contribuição científica do Paulo e de relembrar a sua colaboração no laboratório, em projetos e em trabalho de campo ao longo dos anos, organizámos um encontro de amigos, colegas e investigadores a ter lugar na próxima 4aF 2 de dezembro às 14h30 no Anfiteatro José Silvestre no Instituto Superior de Engenharia (Campus da Penha). Duração prevista 1 hora, lotação máxima 70.
I'm regularly receiving messages from colleagues and researchers from around the world when they come to know of Paulo Felisberto passing. They all recall the special relationship with Paulo, his willing to help and cooperate. Another thing they mention is the scientific work left by Paulo, and the loss of not being able to count on him anymore. In order to make a sum-up of Paulo's scientific contribution and remember his collaboration in the lab, in projects and field work throughout the years, we organized a gathering of friends, colleagues and researchers to be held next Wednesday December 2, at 14:30 on José Silvestre Amphiteatre in the Instituto Superior de Engenharia (Campus da Penha) Foreseen duration of 1 hour, 70 maximum persons allowed in the room.

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last update: 27-Nov-2020

Recent publications:

IEEE logo Closed-Form Estimation of Normal Modes from a Partially Sampled Water Column, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol.45(4), October 2020 [PDF]

jasa logo Superimposed training low probability of detection underwater communications , JASA-EL, 148(3), September 2020 [PDF]
jasa logo Acoustic Particle Velocity Measurements near a Rocky Shore off Cabo Frio Island , JASA, 147(6), June 2020 [PDF]

Featured products:

Head wave propagation using Traceo


an efficient Gaussian beam 2D ray tracing model for underwater acoustic propagation, handling full bottom and water column range dependency, obstacle scattering and producing particle velocity outputs. See manual here and download free copy for Fortran. A C version for linux and/or Windows is available here and for GPU here.

Acoustic data sets:

soliton intimate 98

Acoustic data

is made available for experimentation and testing. Selected data sets of the Calcom'2010, Seagrass'2011 and RADAR'2007 are made available for download.