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Data repository:

SiPLAB makes available a number of acoustic data sets in a variety of environmental scenarios and for various purposes such as ocean acoustic tomography, underwater acoustic communications, source localization and sea grass O2 monitoring. Acoustic and related non-acoustic data can be freely downloaded for scientific testing purposes with the hope to spark ideas and establish collaborations. In case you download any of these data sets please let us know your interest and purpose. Any publication or conference presentation based on these data sets should make the usual reference to the origin of the data and dully acknowledge SiPLAB. Thanks.


Sea Grass experiment 10-19 Oct 2011

This sea trial took place at the STARESO - Station de Recherches Sous-marines et Oceanographiques in Corsica, on October 10 - 19, 2011, in the work frame of the COST action XXXX. The objective is to measure how the Seagrass O2 production during its daily cycle affects the propagation of sound in the ocean. The received acoustic signal can be analysed to infer on the oxygen production on a given transect [see online blog for an accout of the experiment].
People involved from UALg:P. Felisberto (PI), F. Zabel and C. Martins.
Sea trial data report: Report 04/2011.
Related publications: see (abstract, PDF).

Multiple array channel identification

WEAM - Phitom joint Sea Trial 22-25 June 2010

This sea trial took place off the port of Vilamoura (southern Portugal) on June 22 - 25, 2010, with the aim of testing field calibration techniques for the WEAM project and performing acoustic communication transmissions to/from drifting multiple receivers for testing both channel geometry compensation time-reversal techniques as well as diversity combining techniques under the Phitom project. This joint experiment took advantage of common equipment to be used in both projects and the fact that different frequency bands are being used allowing for a best optimization of time and resources. Equipment included two free drifting AOB's and CINTAL's mid and high frequency ship suspended sources [see the experiment web page for a detailed account of the sea trial].
People involved: P. Felisberto (PI-WEAM), A. Silva, F. Zabel, C. Martins, F. Lopes, J.-P. Gomes (PI-Phitom) and other personnel from WEAM and Phitom partners (WEC and ISR-Lisboa).
Sea trial data report: Report 04/2010.
Related publications: for a field calibration example see (abstract, PDF) and for underwater communications see (abstract, PDF).

Deploying ADCP, RADAR 07

RADAR Sea Trial (RADAR'07), 9-16 July 2007

The RADAR'07 sea trial took place on the Portuguese Continental Shelf off the town of Setúbal, 50 km south from Lisboa. This sea trial involved teams from the Hidrographic Institute of the Portuguese Navy, the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC), La Spezia, Italy, the company Heat Light and Sound Research (HLS), San Diego, USA, the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Stennis, USA, and the University of Algarve (UALG), aboard two research ships: the NRP Auriga and the NRP D. Carlos I from July 9 to 16, 2007. The objectives of this experiment were centred on ocean acoustic tomography, both low frequency using the network tomography concept (UALG) and high frequency for detecting features such as internal waves and sea currents (NURC). Other topics include ocean circulation prediction (NRL), underwater communications and time reversal testing (HLS,UALG) [see the experiment on line page for more information].
People involved from SiPLAB: S.M. Jesus, C. Soares, F. Zabel and C. Martins.
Sea trial data report: Report 04/2007.
Related publications: (abstract, PDF, PDF).

Lisbon bridge from D.Carlos

INTIFANTE'00 sea trial 9-29 October 2000

This sea trial was organized by Cintal, under the workframe of projects INTIMATE and INFANTE, with however the scope of acquiring acoustic data to support also projects TOMPACO and ATOMS. The sea trial took place in the area off the town of Setúbal, approx. 50 km south from Lisbon. Two vessels from the portuguese Hidrographic Institute (IH), Portuguese Navy, participated in the sea trial for deploying and recovering acoustic and oceanographic equipment. Other participating institutions were: ISR-IST, Lisboa, IH - Lisboa, and ENEA, Italy. [...more].
People involved from UALg: S.M. Jesus, A. Silva, C. Soares and C. Lopes.
Sea trial data report: Report 02/2001
Related publications: (abstract, PDF).

CTD from Andromeda

INTIMATE'96 sea trial 14-19 June 1996

This sea trial was organized by SiPLAB, under the workframe of project INTIMATE. The sea trial took place in the area off the town of Nazaré, approx. 100 km north from Lisbon. Two vessels participated in the trial: the survey vessel "Andromeda" from the portuguese Hidrographic Institute (IH) and the "D'Entrecasteaux" from EPSHOM, France. Other participating institutions were: Saclantcen, La Spezia, Italy, IH - Lisboa, and CMO/SHOM, France [...more].
People involved from UALg: S.M. Jesus and P. Felisberto.
Sea trial data report: no data report available.
Related publications: (abstract, PDF), (abstract, PDF), (abstract, PDF) or (abstract, PDF).

MAST logo

MAST2 project sea trial March 1994

This sea trial took place in the Strait of Sicily in March 1994 on board NATO NRV Alliance under the guidance of the Seabed Acoustics Group of SACLANTCEN, La Spezia. NRV Alliance was towing a 156m long - 40 hydrophone - 4m spaced horizontal array, for estimating sea bottom geophysical properties; cw signals in the 100-200 Hz frequency range were transmitted from a towed source; a system measuring the deformation of the array shape under tow was included in the instrumentation.
People involved from UALg: S.M. Jesus and P. Felisberto.
Sea trial data report: no data report available.
Related publications: (abstract, PDF).

last update: 16-Aug-2017

Data download:

Seagrass'11 download.
(short description of data set).

WEAM'10 download.
(short description of data set).

RADAR'07 download.
Two data sets of Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy 1 (AOB21), 8 hydrophones, of day 194 (July 13, 2007) from 14:00 to 15:00 GMT and from 16:00 and 17:00 GMT. Data is in VLA format. See report for an m-file reader, hydrophone depths, source-receiver ranges and transmitted signals in various frequency bands.

INTIFANTE'00 download.
Two data sets: acoustic data collected during Event 2 (Julian day 289 -October 16, 2000), only receiver 8 and Event 1 on the same day all 16 receivers. The emitted signal is provided together with additional geometrical information (source and receiver depths, gps logs, water depth along track, etc...).

INTIMATE'96 download.
Saclantcen 4-hydrophone portable array acoustic data for: Event I (5 min), Event II (5 min), Event III (all run). Source ship tracks are given as well as one CTD file for each run. Water depth track is made available for Event III (down slope range dependent).

MAST2 download.
This is a subset of the data acquired on March 4, 1994 in the Strait of Sicily, during the MAST2 Project with a compass-tilt meter-press sensor instrumented 40-hydrophone towed array receiving bottom returns from a simultaneously towed LF J15 sound source (more details about the experimental setup here). Acoustic data: 25 min; array shape data: 25 min; GPS navigation and water depth along track: all experiment; Sound velocity: 1 cast made during the acoustic runs.

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