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Underwater Acoustic Data Repository

During the various sea trials in which SiPLAB and its members participated a large volume of Acoustic and Non-Acoustic data has been acquired. A summary of the existing data sets is available on this page and access is granted to some of the sea trials data, restricted data sets are available separately to participants and partners.

Available data sets are organized by sea trials, these are listed from latest to oldest.


SENSOCEAN 29 April -10 May 2013

Acoustic and environmental data were collected. See details in the internal report


AcousticRobot'13, 5 - 8 May 2013

Acoustic and environmental data were collected. See details in the internal report



SeaGrass 10-19 Oct 2011

UAN logo

UAN11 23-28 May 2011


FP7 logo

OAEx'10 November 2010

UAN logo

UAN10 6-25 September 2010

Multiple array channel identification

WEAM - Phitom joint Sea Trial 22-25 June 2010

Foreseen deployment for Pico experiment

PICO 2010 June 2010

STU deployment

UAN Eng. Test March 2010


UAB'07 Sea Trial

This sea trial was performed in two distinct locations.

  • Week 1 - Trondheim Bay (TBS - Trondheim Biological Station)
  • Underwater Communications: PSK, OFDM
  • Week 2 - Hopavagen Bay (NTNU Sletvik Field Station)
  • Underwater Acoustic Barrier

RADAR Sea Trial (RADAR'07)

High Frequency Ocean Acoustic Tomography, Underwater Communications...

Blue Planet Experiment (BP'07)

Ocean Acoustic Tomography, Geo Acoustics...


MakaiEx sea trial

Underwater Communications, Acoustic Tomography, Field Calibration...


ATOMS'04 sea trial

No Acoustic data was collected. Non acoustic data includes CTD, ADCP and water samples.

MREA'04 sea trial




INTIFANTE'00 sea trial

Underwater Communications, Ocean Acoustic Tomography...


INTIMATE'96 sea trial

Ocean Acoustic Tomography...


Mast 2

Access to Data Repository here

last update: 19-Aug-2013

Data Server

Public Data Sets : Available Here
Restricted Data Sets : Available Here


This section lists publications which were based on data acquired during these sea trials. (in preparation)