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EMSO-PT, Achievements

*Nov 24, 2021 Engineering test, Vilamoura

The testing involved a bottom tripod with the Geospectrum M35 vector hydrophone and the Marsensing developed recorder. A Lubell 916C sound source was deployed from the PUMA catamaran, either at fixed locations or towed along isobathymetric or cross-bathymetric routes. A CTD was used to gather sound velocity in the water column. Water depths were varying from 15 to 30 m.
PUMA out of port
M35 CTD 916C
the team

* March 2020

Arrived low-frequency and particle motion hydrophones from Geospectrum

particle motion sensor

* October 2019

Ordered a set of low-frequency and particle motion sensors from Geospectrum and due to arrive in the first quarter 2020

particle motion sensor

last update: 11-Dec-2021