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Project RADAR, Publications


*J.P. GOMES, A. SILVA and S. JESUS, ``Joint Passive Time Reversal and Multichannel Equalization for Underwater Communications'', (abstract) in Proc. OCEANS'06, Boston (USA), (pdf), September.

* S.M. Jesus, C. Soares, A. Silva, J.-P. Hermand and E. Coelho, "AOB - Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy: concept and feasibility", (abstract) in Underwater Defence Technology European Conference (UDT'06) 2006, Hamburg, Germany, (pdf), June.

*C. SOARES and S.M. JESUS, "Matched-field tomography using an Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy", (abstract) in Proc. European Conf. on Underwater Acoustics (ECUA) 2006, pp. 717-722, Carvoeiro, Portugal, (pdf), June.

*F. ZABEL and C. MARTINS, ``RBR Thermistors array for AOB2'', (abstract) Rep. 04/06, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, ( pdf), September.


*S.M. JESUS, A.J. SILVA and F. ZABEL, ``Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy Data Report - Makai Ex 2005'', (abstract) Rep. 04/05, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), November.

*S.M. JESUS, C. SOARES, P. FELISBERTO, A. SILVA, L. FARINHA and C. MARTINS, ``Acoustic Maritime Rapid Environmental Assessment 2004 during the MREA'04 sea trial'', (abstract) Rep. 02/05, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), March.

*N. MARTINS, S.M. JESUS, ``Blind estimation of the ocean acoustic channel by time-frequency processing'', (abstract) IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol.31(3), pp.646-656, (pdf), June.

*N. MARTINS, C. SOARES and S.M. JESUS, "Environmental and Acoustic Assessment: the AOB concept", (abstract) accepted in Journal of Marine Systems, (pdf), January.


N. MARTINS, ``Processamento por Adaptação de campo no domínio frequência-Doppler'', (abstract) 02/04-SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), May.

*C. SOARES and S.M. JESUS, "Processamento por ajuste de campo em acústica submarina e aplicações", (abstract) in Jornadas do Mar: um Oceano de Oportunidades, Escola Naval, Lisboa, (pdf), November.

*S.M. JESUS, C. SOARES, A.J. SILVA, J.-P. HERMAND and E.F. COELHO, "AOB - an easily deployable, reconfigurable and multifunctional acoustic-oceanographic system", (abstract) in 148th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, San Diego, USA, (pdf), November.

*S.M. JESUS and A.J. SILVA, ``Time reversal and spatial diversity: issues in a time varying geometry test'', (abstract) in Proc. of Conference on High Frequency Ocean Acoustics, San Diego, USA, (pdf), March.

*O.C. RODRÍGUEZ and S.M. JESUS, ``Range dependent tomography of internal tides with relative arrivals'',(abstract) Proc. Int. Conf. on Computational and Experimental Eng. Sciences, Madeira, Portugal, (pdf), July.

last update: 30-Nov-2008