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SiPLAB in a nutshell

SiPLAB consists of a group of University professors, researchers and students interested in signal processing, underwater acoustics and communications (see projects). It currently hosts 4 permanent members, 1 research scientist, 1 postdoc, 4 Ph.D. candidates, 6 junior researchers and technicians, and 1 system engineer (see people). SiPLAB is part of the Signal Processing Group (SIPg)) of ISR - Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica and itself member of the Associated Laboratory LARSys. SiPLAB's main R&D sponsor is CINTAL.
Marsensing Lda. is a spinoff from SiPLAB with which it has particular links and builds partnerships.

SiPLAB has its own computing facilities and underwater acoustic equipment (see equipment). SiPLAB is hosted at the University of Algarve, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, located in building 1, rooms 2.70, 0.19 (technical lab) and the 0.30 (storage) in the Campus de Gambelas, near Faro airport (see directions to easily reach SiPLAB).
SiPLAB 2.70

Room 2.70 (software lab)

SiPLAB 0.19

Room 0.19 (technical lab)

SiPLAB 0.30

Room 0.30 (storage)

last update: 13-Jul-2021

Contacts and affiliations:

See contacts and how to reach SiPLAB here

Building1Univ. of Algarve main building in Campus de Gambelas.

cintal logoCINTAL is SiPLAB's main sponsor for R&D activities

Marsensing logoMarsensing is a spinoff from SiPLAB.

ISR logoSiPLAB is part of the SIPg, the Signal Processing Group @ ISR - Institute of Systems and Robotics @ IST Lisboa.

LARsys logoISR is a member of LARSys - Laboratory for Systems and Robotics in Engineering and Science as established by FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal).