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Current projects:


TRIDENT-Technology based impact assessment tool for sustainable, transparent deep sea mining exploration and exploitation

TRIDENT is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research program. TRIDENT aims to contribute to a sustainable exploitation of seabed mineral resources, by developing a reliable, transparent and cost-effective system for prediction and continuous environmental impact monitoring of exploration and exploitation activities in the deep sea. This project is funded with approximately 17 Meuro for 60 month. Starting date: Janaury 1, 2023. Partnership: INESCTEC, Porto-Portugal (coordinator) and 25 other European institutions. CINTAL is involved in machinery noise measurement and analysis. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: S.M.Jesus, O.C. Rodríguez, R. Duarte and others to be contracted. [more...].

red tuna

ACTTHUN-Acoustic and computer vision technique for non-invasive estimation and monitoring of bluefin tuna biomass and its behavior in different acoustic landscapes

ACTTHUN is funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion (Spain). ACCTHUN aims at developing methodologies and techniques for improving the bluefin tuna (BFT) wild stock estimation addressing two main challenges: to obtain a reliable estimation of the number, dimensions and weight of captured individuals and to provide fishery-independent abundance indices for wild BFT. Also, to provide knowledge about the influence of underwater soundscape on BFT, characterizing the pressure and particle motion fields, describing the related BFT behaviour. This project is funded with approximately XX euro for 36 month. Starting date: September 1st, 2022. Partnership: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) Spain, (coordinator) and several other institutions. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: S.M.Jesus and others to be contracted. [more...].

AquaExcel AquaExcel

TUNAMOTION visit grant under AquaExcel3.0

AquaExcel 3.0 is an European project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 Transnational Infrastructure Access (TNA) program. This project aims at enhancing aquaculture throughout Europe, by promoting experimental and scientific personnel exchange between institutions. TUNAMOTION aims at measuring acoustic particle motion of bluefin tuna in aquaculture tanks and at sea (see trial with video). The AQUAEXCEL 3.0 project is funded with a total of approximately 9.9 Meuro for 60 month. Starting date: November 2020. Partnership: INRAE (coordinator) + 21 EU institutions. People involved from SiPLAB: S.M. Jesus (visit grantee) [more...].


K2D - Knowledge and Data from the Deep Space

K2D is funded by FCT under the MIT-Portugal program research collaboration within the AIR Centre program. Our vision is to make feasible the usage of telecommunications submarine cables for ocean observation and monitoring, through the development of the electronic components and sensors for collecting complex and extensive physical, chemical, biological and environmental parameters. This project is funded with approximately 1.5 Meuro for 36 month (contract no. 045941). Starting date: 1-July-2020. Partnership: DSTelecom (coordinator), ASN-Alcatel Submarine Networks, CMEMS/U.Minho, CINTAL, ISISE/U.Minho, U.Azores, AIR Centre, INESC-TEC and MIT. People involved from CINTAL/SiPLAB: S.M. Jesus, A.J. Silva, R. Viegas, R. Duarte and F. Zabel. [more...].


EMSO-PT - European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory - Portugal

EMSO-PT is the Portuguese Research Infrastructure part of the large-scale EMSO - European Multidisciplinary Observation Network of fixed point, deep sea multidisciplinary observatories, with the scientific objective of real-time, long-term monitoring of environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. It is a geographically distributed infrastructure to be located at key sites in EU waters, spanning the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, up to the Black Sea. Strating date: June 2018. End date: 30 March 2022 (after extension). Partnership: IMAR (Coordinator), CCMAR, CINTAL, FFC, INESC, IPMA, ISEP, IST, UA, UE, UP, UAc. People involved from CINTAL: S.M. Jesus and P. Felisberto. [...more]. Official EMSO web site

See terminated projects for detailed information about past projects executed at SiPLAB.

last update: 28-February-2023


Project publications

* F. BOZZI and S.M. JESUS, "Vector Hydrophone Passive Time Reversal for Underwater Acoustic Communications", (abstract), in IEEE/MTS Global Oceans'2022, Chennai (India), (pdf), February 2022.

* R. DUARTE, C. SOARES and S.M. JESUS, "Anthropogenic noise predictions for light seismic survey off the SW Portuguese coast", (abstract), IEEE/MTS Global Oceans'2021, (pdf) October 2021.

* O.C. RODRIGUEZ, R. DUARTE and S.M. JESUS, "PAM2Py: a Python tool for sharing of ocean soundscape data", (abstract), Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), Vol.44(1), 070011 (pdf), October 2021 (doi).

* F.B. LOUZA and S.M. JESUS, "Double wiener low SNR communications in an upwelling environment", (abstract), Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), Vol.44(1), 070026 (pdf) November 2021 (doi).


* N. PINTO and S.M. JESUS, "Calibration of a Dual Accelerometer Vector Sensor (DAVS2) at the Alfeite Arsenal Tank", (abstract), Rep. 05/20, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), July (draft stage).

* N. PINTO and S.M. JESUS, "Calibration of a Dual Accelerometer Vector Sensor", (abstract), Rep. 04/20, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), July.

* N. PINTO and S.M. JESUS, "Calibration methods for Vector Sensors", (abstract), Rep. 03/20, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), July.

* N. PINTO and S.M. JESUS, "DAVS User Manual", (abstract), Rep. 02/20, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), user examples (zip), March.

* S.M. JESUS and A.P. HUGHES, "Data report of the EPPO’2019 experiment: acoustic detection of fish behavior", (abstract), Rep. 01/20, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), January.

* S.M. JESUS, "A simple detector for passive acoustic monitoring of ocean noise", (abstract), Rep. 04/19, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), December.

* S.M. JESUS, "Acoustic pressure and particle motion power spectrum estimation with Matlab", (abstract), Rep. 03/19, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), October.

* S.M. JESUS, L. MAIA, F. XAVIER, R. VIO and E. VALE, "BIOCOM’19 experiment data report: particle motion measurements", (abstract), Rep. 02/19, SiPLAB Report, University of Algarve, (pdf), October.