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Jobs and research grants:


K2D - Knowledge and Data from the Deep Space

Researcher on underwater acoustics required on project K2D (positions open NOW)

PhD student - announcement PT, ENG, Research Grant
Posdoc - announcement PT, ENG, Research Grant

last update: 17-Mar-2021

Recent publications:

book 1st page Fundamentos de Acústica Submarina, by Orlando Rodriguez [Python examples]
jasa logo T.wave propagation from the Pacific to the Atlantic: The 2020 Mw7.4 Kermadec Trench earthquake case, JASA-EL, vol1(12), Dec 2021 [PDF]

IEEE logo Closed-Form Estimation of Normal Modes from a Partially Sampled Water Column, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol.45(4), October 2020 [PDF]

Featured products:

Logo of project JONAS


download zip or github, a Python open source version of the PAMGuide package for Passive Acoustic Monitoring that features the Exchange Data Format (EDF) for facilitated underwater acoustic data sharing and metadata handling. Python allows for a crossplatform licence free processing of raw acoustic data and EDF output. A library of Python routines for EDF data reading and writing are also available. See manual here.

Head wave propagation using Traceo


an efficient Gaussian beam 2D ray tracing model for underwater acoustic propagation, handling full bottom and water column range dependency, obstacle scattering and producing particle velocity outputs. See manual here and download a free copy for Fortran. A C version for linux and/or Windows is available here and for GPU here.