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Geo-INQUIRE, Plan of Work

The plan of work to be followed under Geo-INQUIRE is as follows

  • WP 1 – Management and coordination
  • WP 2 – VA1 Access to enhanced game changing observables of the geosphere
  • WP 3 – VA2 Access to products enabling curiosity-driven sciences for geohazard and multi-risk assessment
  • WP 4 – TA1/VA3 Access to products enabling curiosity-driven science for georesources exploration and exploitation
  • WP 5 – TA2/VA4 Access to the next generation of software and workflows as a service
  • WP 6 – Access and harmonization of integrated research infrastructures services for next generation data, services, and products
  • WP 7 - FAIR data management, legal compliance, and im-act assessment
  • WP 8 - TA3/VA5: Fostering interoperability and cross-disciplinary research of the geosphere through test beds and the integration of VA/TA activities
  • WP 9 - Fostering cross-disciplinary research of the Earth through training and workshops

last update: 11-Aug-2022


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