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EMSO-PT, Plan of Work (short version)

The proposed plan of work to be followed under EMSO-PT is as follows:
  • The Preparatory Phase aimed to create an ERIC as the legal organization is finishing now. In-kind contribution for 2011-15 is ~120M€ for all members, while in-cash contribution from the committed funding agencies for the 2012-14 period is ~50M€.
  • Around the world four initiatives address deep-ocean and water column monitoring (DONET-Japan; Neptune-US, Canada), EuroSITES (North Atlantic and Mediterranean) and EMSO (in Europe). Data are being acquired in continuous mode. The global system will be in place by the end of this decade.
  • Portugal is a partner of the infrastructure and integrates EMSO Steering Committee, conducted Demo Missions in Azores and Cadiz, and promoted initiatives towards the private sector. Portuguese participation is focused on the Azores and Cadiz nodes. Demonstration missions were completed, in cooperation with France (Azores) and Italy (Cadiz) using two of the few available technological solutions for long term seafloor monitoring (ASSEM and GEOSTAR). In the Azores four one year long deployments were made, with continuous satellite communication (the station is presently in place, due to the French commitment). Portuguese teams participated in the initiatives but their role was limited to the incorporation of seismic sensors and biological collectors. There is a need for a national based integrated program joining technology and science, to develop leading edge instruments and techniques to ensure the needs of long term observation.

last update: 13-May-2015