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JONAS, Achievements

(foreseen) June 20-24: recover and assess data from three moorings in the Faial-Pico area. Three EAR recorders, 2 SR1 and one M35 Geospectrum vector sensor, for ocean sound calibration and marine mammals tracking in the southwest and norteast approaches to the Faial-Pico shallow channel.

*May-June, 2022- Azores'22 field calibration experiment

May 19, 2022: deploying EARs and UALG acoustic receivers in the Faial-Pico channel during Azores'22 sea trial. EARs on board motor boat, prior deployment:
Pico in the background EARs ready for deployment

***See deployment video***

*March 15, 2022 - PAM2Py launched in Github

This date marks the sharing of PAM2Py code on github here

*November 20, 2021 - EDF PAMGuide as a standalone executable

Launch of the standalone version of EDF PAMGuide that allows to run PAMGuide (EDF version) without the need to install Matlab.
Windows version may be downloaded here (960 MB)
Linux version may be downloaded here (900 MB)
More information on PAM2Py page.

*June, 2021 - Shipping noise in the Azores central group

AIS ship distribution June 2018


Excess noise level due to shipping June 2018

Azores central group

*March 24, 2021

Launch of the PAM2Py package: a software package for true open source run and exchange of passive acoustic monitoring data. A PAMGuide implementation running in Python with Exchange Data Format data saving capability.


* January 7, 2021

2020 JONAS Newsletter

* January 8, 2020

Waveglider arrived at PLOCAN, in Gran Canaria, after 1700 km

waglider track
The UALG hydrophone after the trip...
The PLOCAN waveglider after the trip...

* November 13, 2019

Installation of the acoustic receiver on the PLOCAN waveglider in Horta (Faial, Azores) and waveglider set off from Faial to Gran Canaria, a 1750 km trip !

waveglider launch from Horta (Faial,Azores), November 13, 2019

(great thanks to PLOCAN team)
(follow vehicle here )

* November 12, 2019

participation in the INTERREG Atlantic Area Workshop included on the Business2Sea anual event in Porto (Portugal). See presentation here


* October 23, 2019

participation in the IFADO anual meeting, in Horta (Faial,Azores, Portugal) slocum launch during the IFADO meeting, Azores, October 23, 2019

(thanks to Luis Sebastião/ISR,Lisboa for the drone eye)

* September 24-35, 2019

technical meeting, in Nantes (France) organized by QO

* May 2-3, 2019: kick-off meeting , at UPC, Villanova y la Geltru (Spain)

during the JONAS kick-off meeting, Vilanova may 3, 2019

last update: 03-Jun-2024